Under attack

– Attacks from the left

You know you are doing something right when the mainstream press lashes out.

You hear it all the time from the press about conservative talk radio and the blogosphere.  When old school media types truly get outraged they go straight for the jugular. They attack credibility.

Now I will be the first to admit that there is a lot of content floating through the World Wide Web of questionable nature. And certainly, some of that content comes from those purporting to be conservatives. But I will also tell you that the Internet has accomplished something that those in the mainstream press did not want to see. Interaction.

Gone are the days of writing an op-ed piece and letting the masses choose to believe or not believe the words while only receiving a few letters or phone calls regarding the opinion.

In our high-tech world, the opposition to an opinion piece can immediately express their views regarding an article or idea through email or blogs. The instant gratification of seeing your thoughts in print and knowing they will be seen in a timely manner has created something that the mainstream media was not ready for. Immediate opposition.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the majority of smaller mainstream media outlets have a cohesive agenda to destroy conservative thought in America.

However, journalists, in general, are very liberal. With the exception of a few major media outlets that have done too much to the contrary to believe otherwise, I do not think journalists sit around and conspire about how to foist their ideas onto the masses. Instead, they feel coddled in their views by those around them and constantly reassured and reaffirmed about their take on the world.

But now that their compartmentalized world has come crashing down on them and they are in fight or flight mode.

Thousands of Ideas are being discussed and examined at breakneck speed and the mainstream media has lost its hold on its most powerful tool – controlling the topic of conversation.

So when you hear the mainstream media attack the credibility of bloggers it is out of fear.

– Grinding my gears

One of the things that infuriates me more than anything is that liberals hold themselves as the party of inclusion and acceptance and decry conservatives as the party of the ignorant and exclusionary. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Most truly conservative people I know accept everyone. While they may disagree on issues that does not mean they are not accepting.

Despite all the efforts to convince themselves otherwise, it is actually liberals that are discriminatory. There is a group of people that make up millions of Americans that are not accepted by liberals every day. They are derided and their views are held in contempt. They are chastised and belittled. I am talking about conservatives, of course.

I was greeted multiple times with the middle finger from people during the presidential election because I held different political beliefs. It was really a sad commentary on where our country is today.

Regardless of party affiliation or political views, I encouraged everyone to vote, even riding one of my more liberal friends to make sure he voted when I found he hadn’t yet late on Nov. 4.

I wish that we could truly focus on the issues and not be labeled name-callers and hate mongers when we are not.

Just because I disagree with President Elect Obama and because some of his views have socialist overtones does not make me a name-caller.  It just means I disagree. 

– Bush is gracious

Did anyone else notice the condescending tone of the media after Obama and President Bush met?

I heard a montage on talk radio of how many times the word gracious was used by dozens of media outlets in a shocked tone regarding Bush’s graciousness toward the president elect.

Bush was gracious? How could this be? He is, of course, the worst president in American history.

So sad to realize that when they lie about a man’s character enough times they actually begin to believe it themselves. Policies aside, Bush has never been anything but a gracious and decent man. Of course, conservatives have known this all along. More to come on Bush’s presidency in the coming weeks…


5 Responses to “Under attack”

  1. 1 Carly
    November 14, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    You know, here’s the funny thing…

    I’ve read Mr. Krysak’s blogs, and I’ve read Mr. O’Keefe’s blogs. I’ve also read many comments made on both by several of the same people….including a few liberal people who get so angry and mad and say that we (conservatives) are name callers…

    But ya know what?? Never have I read a comment left on Mr. O’Keefe’s blogs by one of these liberals telling him not to call names…..and two of his favorite names are UnAmerican and UnChristian. Why is that? I mean if Liberals are so much better than us dumb, name-calling, redneck, racist Conservatives, then why don’t they tell Mr. O’Keefe to be bigger and better than us and not call US names?

    Another interesting thing…liberals want Conservatives to cave. They want me to stop talking against Obama because after-all, he IS OUR PRESIDENT-ELECT. Now, I plan on giving him a chance, but just because he is our President-Elect does not mean I have to become a mindless drone. I disagree with the man, I have from day one!!! My opposition has not been for personal gain, it really has to do with the concern I have for this country.

    To me, it’s not about me being right or wrong…my concern is for the country…not just financially…but the security of our country and our freedom. Does that make me a bad person?
    Of course I’m hoping for the best….but I don’t believe we’ve elected the best man for the job. And that’s not going to change just because he is the President-Elect. That will change when he proves my feelings and thoughts wrong. Until then, No of course I’m not happy with what has transpired but that doesn’t make me a racist or UnAmerican.

  2. 2 Rich
    November 14, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Josh, the blog today is sounding very whiny friend. I’ve been saying all along that the name calling is ridiculous and gets us nowhere. I will admit you yourself haven’t done any name calling so far. (However you did make sure to include Baracks middle name the day agter the election even though no other middle names have been used). I do need to make one thing clear though. These same liberals that you are saying are doing the name calling are the same liberals that have been called Un American adn Unpatriotic for a couple years now because they oppose the war. Where were the accepting conservatives then? Let’s face it, there are liberals and conservatives both thast have to stoop to this level on a daily basis. the whole problem comes from the categorizing anyways. there are several differnet degrres of liberals and conservatives. Lumping one group all together is not fair to the different views inside that group. You call yourself a conservative, so am I to assume you don’t believe in evolution or global warming? I don’t. Just like I would hope my being a liberal doesn’t lead you to assume I am on welfare or gay. The fact is America is in bad place right now. Doesn’t really matter how or who got us here. What mmatters is we fix it. I believe to truly do that conservatives, liberals, indeendents, and whoever else has any say must work together for the country. I believe the most UnAmerican thing that a person can do is criticize another for their beliefs. I said criticize not disagree.

    Carly, I have never read Mark Okeefes blog nor do I care to. I mean he named it after himself, do I really want to hear what someone that conceited has to say? So if he is name calling over there he is as wrong as anyone else doing it. Also, I hope Barack doesn’t prove your feelings and thoughts wrong. I can only hope he opens them up to a little CHANGE…….for the better of course.

  3. November 15, 2008 at 3:30 am

    I think Ernie Hemingway might take affront to the weak-kneed, hackneyed, non-smoking, plant-hugging journalist of today. I think, given the chance, he’d aim his shotgun at the newsroom instead of himself..

  4. 4 Johh Levy
    November 15, 2008 at 5:24 am

    Rich, you tread ‘tween many fine lines.
    Have you ever meet a person who disagrees with someone’s viewpoint and does not criticize those viewpoints? I think not, for how would you know that they disagree if they did not verbalize their disagreement with the reasons for the disagreement? Within that question lies the fine line, a conundrum, which liberals exploit to achieve their goal of causing conservative guilt for doing that which is “the most UnAmerican thing that a person can do”. And therein lies the solution for conservatives to win most silly liberal arguments. For in a liberal’s mind, to express your disagreement with anything but the statement, “I disagree,” means that you are criticizing and that would be so cruel because it is “the most UnAmerican thing that a person can do”. But those rules only apply to conservatives.

    In the liberal playbook, titled, “Please Don’t Criticize Anything Liberals Do, Because That Would Be Mean And We Would Take Great Offense Because After All, Only Liberals Have The Right To Criticize, You Conservatives Can Only Disagree, Not To Mention That It’s The Most UnAmerican Thing That A Person Can Do”

    Rule No.1: Make the conservatives feel guilty by convincing them that if they disagree with something, it is wrong to express any reasons or supporting facts for that would then be criticizing which is “the most UnAmerican thing that a person can do”. This will allow you to completely disarm them.

    A typical political argument using the above Rule No.1:
    Liberal: Sarah Palin is sooooooo stupid! She abused her governer’s powers in Alaska, and her daughter is such a slut. And that baby of her daughter’s is probably Sarah’s anyway.
    Conservative: I disagree!
    Liberal: All you conservatives do is spew hate. You all are so dumb. You assume all us liberals are on welfare or gay.
    Conservative: I disagree!
    Liberal: You think the mainstream media is controlled by us liberals. Rush Limbaugh is nothing but a dumb drug addict. I hope he and Cindy McCain get busted while smoking crack together.
    Conservative: I disagree!
    Liberal: Hey conservative, don’t you know that disagreeing with an exclamation point is “the most UnAmerican thing that a person can do?”
    Conservative: I disagree.

    Hey A former Alan student, careful with your writings, hate speech can get you some time in a re-education camp!

  5. 5 Rich
    November 17, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    John levy,
    I can see you have learned your arguing style from our current administration. Instead of making any points on what my post was mostly about, you grabbed the last line about “Un American” and ran with it. My post never said being a conservative was “UnAmerican”. Quite the contrary if you actually read it in whole and not get stuck on ther fact that someone maybe calling you “UnAmerican”. I thank you though for further proving my point that the bickering gets us nowhere.

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