The George W. Bush presidency

The eight years of whining by liberals and bleeding hearts is finally coming to a close. One of the most maligned presidents in the history of our nation is finishing his last days in the Oval Office and as the mainstream press feeds garbage to the uninformed about how the president was a monumental failure of a leader but a decent person, it is time for Right-minded Americans to reflect on the Bush presidency and all that was gained and lost during his tenure.
George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Bush’s strengths:

– Nothing defined the Bush presidency more than his earnest response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and his continued assault on the global network of terror. Wasting little time, Bush went to war against the Taliban and liberated a nation and then did it again in Iraq. While critics attacked him relentlessly on the home front and often undermined U.S. troops in the process, Bush continued to fight determined to rid as many terror cells from the globe as possible during his presidency. When fighting in Iraq was about as politically prudent as sleeping with an intern, Bush continued to hammer away at terrorists in a war effort that rivals the greatest in our nation’s history. He attacked a primarily underground foe that often was not even visible in the shadows with unprecedented success. He made the nation safe following the attacks and provided a firm and unrelenting opposition to our enemies and a sense of security to Americans.

– His tax cuts. During his two-term presidency, Bush slashed taxes across the board and stimulated the economy weakened by the Clinton presidency and the burst dot-com bubble. In the tradition of Ronald Reagan, he gave the money back to the people, where it belongs, and also made sure that the wealth-creating class of Americans got their fair share of rebates and tax breaks to continue to create jobs and kindle economic expansion.

-During his eight years, Bush was an unabashed support of a culture of life, fighting against abortion advocates and most stem cell research in an effort to protect the rights of the unborn child.

-Probably Bush’s greatest strength during his term was his heart. A genuine love of the country, which bubbled to the surface more often than not, guided Bush through some of the darkest moments in recent history and through a laborious war effort that left his political clout battered and bruised. But it was his heart and backbone and morality that shone through, regardless the situation. He prayed for the nation. He wept for fallen soldiers. The politician in him was always held in check by his character and his integrity.

Bush’s weaknesses:

– Bush took a lax stance on immigration, failing to enact stricter border regulations and failing to better enforce current border laws as the nation discovered how many millions of illegal immigrants had flooded the country. While the debate over the rights of illegals reached a fever pitch, Bush failed to recognize the country’s need for a firm hand in dealing with the illegal tide and did little to help assuage fears and concerns regarding the status of illegal immigrants in the country. He did even less to try to curb more from coming in.

– While he built much of his economic policy around his massive tax cuts, Bush spent money like a drunken sailor and increased the federal government’s role in too many ways to recount. The basic conservative principal of limited government was lost on Bush who often allowed his political opponents to force his hand into more spending.  

– Bush also lacked the fortitude to stand on some conservative principals in an effort to appease and befriend his political foes. Education reform. Immigration. The recent economic bailout. If he could make his colleagues happy without risking the nation’s immediate security, he did.

-Probably Bush’s greatest weakness was his heart. The same heart that was one of his greatest strengths also led to many political debacles and allowed his policies to become watered down and muddled by liberal stipulations. The same heart that told Bush to keep fighting against terror also told him to give in and relax conservative principals too often just to make others happy. A loving and caring man, if the issue did not threaten the lives of U.S. citizens, he could be easily manipulated to placate his foes and give in to ludicrous demands. He was more of a McCain than an Obama or a Palin. He was not tactical politically. He was emotional and tried to rise above politics and bring a new tone to Washington when all America really wanted was someone to be true to their ideals and never waiver.

While his report card is a mixed bag, I still get chills when I hear clips of him in post 9-11 speeches and I still like to hear his keen wit mixed with his southern drawl and his garbled, everyman style of addressing the media. He was a defender of liberty and freedom and for that alone he will always hold a special place in our lineage of presidents. He was a truly American president and a good man. I believe that in the coming years we will miss him very much, indeed.


2 Responses to “The George W. Bush presidency”

  1. 1 Cecil Jones
    January 16, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    The Bush Presidency can’t be defined by his largest mistakes, but that’s what the public will remember. President Bush claimed, “He was tired of swatting flies.” What flies did he swat? The man was selected, changed missile defense, killed Tim McVeigh and went on vacation. Campaign finance reform passed because “Someone or something in politics caused all politicians to take responsibility for their ads.” There is a connection here. Notice I didn’t mention anything about Bush swatting a fly? President Bush had not confronted his own foreign problem. Well, if you count having the spy plane “Fed-Exed” that was one. The issues President Bush were facing were all “Domestic.” After 9-11, Bush did not play politics with our national security. Before 9-11, the most important thing the man could do was read “My Pet Goat?” There is a disconnect. Who was the “Bush Fly” and how did this impact 9-11? Until you know and tell the truth, you can’t rewrite history. Bush read “My Pet Goat” on the day we needed him most. That’s his sad legacy. Don’t forget about Hurricane Katrina.

  2. 2 Carly
    January 16, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Cecil, are you claiming to KNOW the 100% truth? As much as liberals and conservatives disagree, I feel that more liberals would disagree with YOU on this one. Bush handled 9-11 tremendously. What more would you have had him do? It’s quite easy to see that you’re one of those who got “sucked in” by all that garbage some of the Hell Bent on Destroying Bush’s Administration put out there.
    Also, How dare Bush try to get involved with the community and read to children…crazy, I know. Doesn’t he know he should have been on top of the WTC buildings in his Superman Cape to stop the planes from crashing?

    I recognize that Bush had his many faults, but 9-11 was NOT one of them.

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