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Fear and loathing redux

I hope that you are sitting down and don’t have access to any sharp objects to avoid self-inflicted mutilation, because nothing about this story is going to warm your heart.

About two weeks ago, Oklahoma City police stopped motorist Chip Harrison because of a sign on his vehicle.

The sign read: “Abort Obama Not the Unborn.”

The sign was taken by police but then later returned to Harrison after officers determined that he had a right to display the sign.

Annoying, but, ultimately, no big deal, right? Continue reading ‘Fear and loathing redux’


There’s a bad moon rising

This is the laundry list of thoughts jumping to and fro in my minds eye – this the first day after the signing of the most ludicrous and loquacious bill in U.S. History.

*Has anyone else noticed that despite all his efforts in the campaign to mask his true tenor, Obama is starting to come off as whiny, angry and every bit the unqualified and uber-liberal politico that many of us saw him for?

*Speaking of Obama, do you realize that he can no longer address the nation without delivering some type of fear-mongering blow to the American confidence in our nation’s financial security? His choice is to ram his agenda home by placing fear in the hearts of a nation gone soft and while he’s got the votes. It is the only course that could result in the current death march toward socialism, or even worse, the first steps toward some type of global governance.

*Watch the banks as we move forward with the economic stimulus package. If the banks are indeed nationalized, capitalism, as we know it, will fail. Continue reading ‘There’s a bad moon rising’


Fear and loathing

I am so disgusted with the political malaise of those around me and the insipid march toward a socialist state that I can barely bring myself to listen to the news the last few days.

At the forefront, as the darkness starts to blanket the nation and we head toward the most sweeping and destructive legislation of my lifetime, is the hidden health care agenda in the spending package.

The stimulus package, allegedly created to stave off economic collapse, includes federal tracking of medical treatment received by U.S. citizens. It also includes the appointment of a National Coordinator of Health and Information Technology who will monitor treatments to ensure that doctors are doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. Hospitals and doctors caught disobeying the new rules will be penalized. Continue reading ‘Fear and loathing’


The Anti-stimulus stimulus bill

I’m sure that you are as sick of hearing about the struggling economy and about the ill-fated stimulus package being proposed by President Obama as I am. But I thought a little breakdown of the disastrous plan might be in order because often all you hear in the mainstream press is Obama talking about acting now to avert crisis and the creation of 3 million jobs. However, underneath those platitudes is a host of social reform masquerading as a stimulus bill. A bill that is likely one of the scariest pieces of legislation ever tackled by Congress.

Let me explain.

Democrats and Obama will simply tell you that they are going to create 3 million new jobs and save the struggling American-working class bearing the brunt of the economic downturn.

In reality, the bill is nothing more than a wish list made by progressive Democrats. The package includes the increase of federal spending in nearly every department. The Department of Agriculture will increase spending by $36 billion. The Department of Health and Human Services will ramp up spending by $21 billion. Ditto the Environmental Protection Agency, which will spend an additional $5.5 billion. Same as the Department of Labor and the Department of Commerce…and I guess you get the point. Continue reading ‘The Anti-stimulus stimulus bill’


Post mini-vacation thoughts

I took a brief vacation around the Super Bowl and tried to make some headway on things I have been putting off so I didn’t blog for a while.

Sorry about the delay in posting comments. They are all up now.

My first thought as I emerge from my short break from blogging is completely non-political. The Pittsburgh Steelers won an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl Sunday in what is likely the greatest game of my lifetime. From James Harrison’s 100-yard interception to Ben Rothelisberger’s game winning drive with less than 3 minutes, the big game, which often fails to meet the expectations created by the hype, was everything a fan could ask for. And, being a black and gold fanatic, I was more than pleased with the outcome. Continue reading ‘Post mini-vacation thoughts’