And the hits just keep on coming…

*Have you noticed that the Obama administration can’t let boisterous criticism go by without commenting? From Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity, Obama can’t stop arguing the points made by his political foes. I don’t ever remember a president so caught up in political posturing.

*Speaking of posturing, did you hear that Obama has said that he does not support the resurrection of the fairness doctrine?



However, the actions of his administration and of the Democrat power brokers makes it clear that the elimination of opposing view points is something they intend to tackle in some fashion. Watch for the government to step in to break up talk radio monopolies under the guise of economic relief.

*Can you believe that a colleague of mine said he supports the fairness doctrine because it helped to shield the nation from polarization? That’s right. A journalist who would rather have the government control the airwaves than allow the people to listen to what they want because, as he put it, then that is all they will want to hear. I don’t know about you folks, but I am a proud protector of the right to free speech, period.

*Do you think the views of my colleague are connected to the slow erosion of our Constitution? I do.

*Why is it that conservatives are so much more optimistic than liberals? Even when we are ousted from power by an egomaniacal progressive, we still are clamoring for the light. What must it be like to be so invested in failure to achieve personal success?

*Do you have reasons to be happy? I can think of one that has become more and more evident of late. The undercurrent of dissatisfaction now appears to be growing rapidly with our new president. The honeymoon may end before the champagne is uncorked.

*Have you ever noticed that no matter the circumstances, dogs are always happy to see you when you get home? That’s just cool.

*Can you see how the country is becoming an entitlement society? Same colleague tried to lecture me that health care is a right. Really?

*Have you also noticed that many of Obama’s plans via the stimulus package encourage bad behavior? Might as well stop paying my mortgage because the government will then give me a big, fat piece of my neighbor’s pie. Thanks for that one, Barack.

*What ever happened to representative government?

*For that matter, what ever happened to global warming? A foot of snow in New York on March 2. Now a new study says that global warming may go into a hiatus period for a few decades. So it might just be the natural shifts in the climate after all causing weather to ebb and flow. Wow. I’m so glad that Obama, Al Gore and the Hollywood elite have whipped the nation into a green frenzy. Those are going to be trillions well spent.

*Speaking of the glitterati, why do Hollywood stars feel the need to lecture the American people at every turn? Can you just entertain us, please? I don’t care about your politics and I sure as hell know you don’t care about mine. If you need to use your pedestal, then find a real cause that does not have the words change or green as part of the mantra. Good luck. And remember when they are preaching to us about Obama that these are the same people who believe in Xenu. I’m just sayin’.

*Have you heard the term “global new deal?” You will. It is Obama’s next step in dismantling our democracy and further promoting global governance.

*Is it just me, or are GEICO car insurance commercials the most annoying thing on television? I mean really, how many mascots does one company need? A lizard. A caveman. A stack of money with eyes. I want to smash my television every time I see that little pile of money.

My archenemy, the GEICO money pile

My archenemy, the GEICO money pile

*Did you hear Rush Limbaugh speak Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Committee? Great stuff. So good that liberals like David Letterman can’t stop worrying about it. On Monday the late night talk show host went after Rush, Bush and blogs and appeared to reflect the already weakening position of the liberals as Obama flounders and conservatism seems more and more a viable option. I will attach a link for the transcript of Limbaugh’s remarks below.

Rush addresses CPAC

Rush addresses CPAC

*Do you agree that Katie Couric is one of the most annoying television news anchors in history? From her dimwittedness to her sardonic liberal outbursts, she can’t control herself from appearing like a rapidly aging valley girl, clueless and babbling, bounding from one weak position to another. She was Letterman’s guest Monday night and had the gall to say that with the current economic state, now is not the time for the American people to debate the methods of recovery. Wow. That is Obamaesque. Thanks for that, Katie. Now I can stop worrying that my country is being flushed down a D.C. toilet because of your admonition. For the love of Pete!

*How is it that U2 can continue to make the most influential and moving music three decades into their career?



From the ballads of the Joshua Tree to the reinvention of rock in Achtung Baby, they are the pinnacle of rock and roll. And while their politics can sometimes be annoying, at least they take to causes that mean something and, if nothing else, are actually real issues. Learn it Al Gore. They also have shown a willingness to work with both Republicans and Democrats in their causes. For my money, there is no better rock and roll band today. They were the only reason I spent time last evening tuning into Letterman as they promoted their new album that releases today, No Line on the Horizon.



37 Responses to “And the hits just keep on coming…”

  1. 1 treehugger
    March 3, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    Josh said “Might as well stop paying my mortgage because the government will then give me a big, fat piece of my neighbor’s pie.”

    Response – Okay if you REALLY believe what you say – try it……… lets see what happens.

  2. 2 WonderWoman
    March 3, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Tree: it’s amazing you’ve lasted this long on this blog, what with all your wit and substantive arguments!

    what I suggest we do is all go out and purchase Quarter of a Million dollar homes, which we know we can’t afford, become late on our mortgage payments, accumulate thousands of dollars of debt, and then watch the government try to find ways to “help” us out rather than downsize ourselves to a nice, yet more affordable home.

  3. 3 treehugger
    March 5, 2009 at 12:56 am

    Wonderwoman, see that is just my point. That is ridiculous, just like what Josh said was ridiculous. There is no Free Ride as you both may think. The people who may have done this knowingly or unknowingly are still losing their homes and ruining their credit. Whether they claim bankruptcy or sell their homes on a short sale the credit rating is affected. Unless you are wealthy, have a large savings account or stuff your mattress with cash you are not going to make a major purchase like a car or home without a good credit rating. There are consequences to all actions.

  4. 4 WonderWoman
    March 5, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Tree: I never said I believed that there are FREE rides, however, what exactly is the government doing by trying to bail everyone out? Rumor has it, Tree, that there are talks of credit card bailouts – which I’m sure EVERYONE can benefit from, but what is that teaching us? That it’s ok to get in way over your head because our Knights in Shining Armor (the government) will save the day? That you CAN rack up bad credit and the government will take care of that for you too? Where does it end?

    what I want to know is, why don’t we put that money towards more homeless shelters? You know there are people who don’t even have a home, yet we’re going to bailout those who live in large expensive homes that they can’t afford first. It just doesn’t seem right.

  5. March 5, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    And I quote: “That is ridiculous, just like what Josh said was ridiculous.”

    And the hits just keep on coming…

  6. 6 Rich
    March 5, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    So political advice from a drug addict(Rush) is good BUT political advice from one with a different religion than yourself (“….these are the same people that believe in Xenu”) is no good. You see, it’s that thought proccess right there that will keep me from ever being a conservative(I know try and hod your tears back). Your beliefs are your beliefs and anything different is wrong or bad. I know, you stick to your beliefs and nothing will make you waver…blah blah blah. Open your minds you might be surprised what you find.

    On a lighter note, U2 sucks! Give me some Nirvana anyday. However, I still have hope to name my first born son “The Edge”.

  7. 7 Carly
    March 6, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Rich, there is a difference between being open-minded and being a fickle human being that flows with which ever direction the wind takes them. I’ve seen it in your comments back to people…you love to agree then disagree, to attack then defend, you, Rich, are all over the place!!

    People with strong believes and strong convictions definitely feel they are right. If you don’t believe you are right, what’s the purpose in believing? How sad it must be for you to be stuck on middle ground everywhere you go….thinking, “I may be right, until someone gives me insight as to why I may also be wrong.”

    How typical to attack Rush’s FORMER drug addiction, wow, your eyes are really OPEN to people changing their life around, aren’t they?…or did you just mean people YOU like and people YOU believe in. Find some convictions, Rich, for your sake.

    Funny, how you say, “U2 sucks. Give me some Nirvana anyday.” – UM, didn’t the lead singer of Nirvana die of a DRUG OVERDOSE? Tsk, tsk, tsk, Rich.

  8. 8 CJ
    March 6, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Nirvana was alright and U2 are ok, but they are not true rock and roll.

    The best band out there for the past 30 plus years, still putting out albums and touring, and are always in the top five of catalog album sales is no other than AC/DC.

    I am a conservative and AC/DC makes good old fashioned in your face fun rock and roll.

    People have been whining about them being devil worshipers because of Hell’s Bells or Highway to Hell, but come on, it’s rock and roll.

    If anyone goes out and kills, gets drunk, does drugs, or does anything else illegal because of a song, then I guarantee that they were already screwed up in the head before they heard the song.

    Remember when Tipper Gore and the other left wingnuts were against rap, rock, and video games?

    They were claiming that the rampant drug use and crime rate was because of music and video games. I would have bet that more people tried pot and sex with cigars, because of Bill Clinton than because of 2 Live Crew.

    I also remember when there was a murder some where out west and an AC/DC has was found at the crime scene, the media went crazy with stories about AC/DC music makes people kill.

    How hard is it to understand that music and guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people.

    Now back to Limbaugh. I didn’t even know he was still on the air. I used to watch him on Saturday or Sunday nights at 1AM on WTAE back in the early 90s. He had lots of autographed Steeler items on his set. He is a big Steeler fan. He started his broadcast career in da burgh.

    I don’t know anyone who even listens to him. I think it’s all hype trying to make conservatives out to be brainless sheep when we already know that liberal democrats are the sheep.

    Who else do you know that mindlessly walks into a voting booth and continues to vote straight party election after election hoping that things get better?

    Oh, wait, that’s how the elections for Saddam Hussein were.

    Well, I don’t get my beliefs or news from CNN, Fox, MSNBS, Limbaugh or anyone else pushing an agenda.

    I do my research from local news channels, internet, foreign newspapers (easier when you can read muslim, french, kanji and Kana, and Russian. All those years in the AF as a linguist paid off) and having civil conversations with people.

    I laugh at people who blow up at you when you have a different and intelligent view from them about things.

    We will never see change in Fayette.

    The people have voted the same way for over 50 years and the only thing that has improved has been running water and sewage plants.

    50 years is a long time to only get running water to flush your excrement into a government crap cleaning facility….kind of sounds like the IRS.

  9. 9 Rich
    March 6, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    I was ready for that response. And I admit, in a way, I do admire the “blind faith” thinking to a degree. I ma just not arrogant enough to think that my way is the only way or even always the right way.I do have my beliefs Carly, I just don’t feel the ned to shove them down people’s throats as the only belief. Life is not black and white, like t or not, there are gray areas.

    I also like the “FORMER” drug addict defense. This blog has attacked Obama for his FORMER acquantices and I believe you were on the Ayers train yourself. So a conservative can change but a liberal not so much right?

    Finally, Kurt Cobain(lead singer of Nirvana) actually blew his head off with a shotgun. And I wouldn’t have taken political advice from him anyways.

  10. 10 treehugger
    March 6, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Rush Limbaugh is trying to position himself as the Leader of the Conservative Party. He just addressed the members of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). In addition, I hear that he wants to debate the President of the United States. HA! what a pompous a$$. I say Rush Limbaugh’s hijacking of the GOP is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since the onset of Sarah Palin ! Keep listening to Rush – Dittoheads.

  11. March 7, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Rich, with all due respect, let me pet you on the head, and with all due respect, I respect your beliefs. Pet, pet…
    Your last few postings have been, shall I say razor edged. I know, I’m nit-picking. But some of your comments are comment inducing. Like using the words paranoia, blind faith, arrogant.
    Each and every one of us is ‘entitled'(and I really do HATE that word), to their opinion. For those of us that lean towards the conservative side, we question the Who, the What, the WTF??? Not so easily convinced our “leaders” are headed in a significant pattern to maintaining our liberties that WE, quite frankly, take for granted.
    Blind faith- We, the conservatives, do anything BUT trust our beliefs on blind faith. Quite the contrary.
    Paranoia?- Really Rich, really? Very dramatic, on your part.
    Arrogant-In questioning who is this guy? So far Rich, I have not witnessed one single GOOD thing this man has done. He speaks a supposedly good talk(I tend to disagree), but no evidence of a good Walk thus far. Well then Rich, call me arrogant.. Pet me on the head and call me silly.
    By the way, your first unborn son will be paying dearly, for the stimuless package your hopeful hero has enacted.
    Until I see facts and figures, I am NOT convinced of your whinings. Pet, pet….

    P.S. I love Nirvana, so depressing of you to bring up Kurt Cobain’s tragic self-inflicted GSW. Pet, pet….

  12. 12 Terri
    March 7, 2009 at 5:47 am

    Rush Limbaugh is in the limelight because our president has an agenda. First he needs a diversion from the actual news(the “shoving down our throat” (to quote Rich describing,of all things,Conservatives?) of his radical deadly agenda as fast as possible), second Obama is an egomaniac and if he isn’t your “darling” and you are loud you WILL be on his list, and third the powers that be are setting the stage for the unfairness doctrine, hoping the limelight will show all the nastiness of those big bad ideas of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Wow! This is going to backfire! And finally to quote two of you hypocritical liberals “Open your minds you might be surprised what you find!” and “Keep listening to Rush!”. And finally I will end my quotefest with one that is worthwhile “The truth shall set you free”. It’s been a long time coming but have faith.

  13. 13 John Levy
    March 7, 2009 at 6:45 am


    Your beliefs ARE being shoved down people’s throats. You write about having an open mind. Do you realize how hypocritical you are? You speak of admiring blind faith “to a degree” but you follow Obama like a mindless robot. Do you realize how many other people are like you in their uncritical adoration of this man. You accuse conservatives of the very things that you are guilty of in the converse. Your beliefs, in perfect perfect synchronicity with Obama’s, are being forced upon all of us. I won’t bore you with another long post containing every example, I’ll just cite something not so politically charged, something such as abortion.

    In spite of considering abortion as being one of the biggest evils, Obama wants to take my tax money to pay for it’s use on demand, domestically and internationally. What a dastardly way to spit in my eyes. I, along with a majority of this country’s adult citizenry, find abortion to be the singularly most offensive thing that can happen to a human. Yet with total disregard, Obama is forcing that down our throats. We need to be sensitive to how Muslims may find cartoon characterizations of Mohammad offensive yet the hell with how offensive we find something so innocuous as abortion.

    I only mention abortion to make my point. I intentionally did not mention any other throat gagging beliefs. I’ll let you bring those up. I’m ready for you.

  14. 14 treehugger
    March 9, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    Yes the hits just do keep on coming as you say Josh. This just in on Rush Limbaugh. Quote from his website “So he’s moved on to health care. This is highly visible, it’s news leading, gets a great focus, plus it has the great liberal lion Teddy Kennedy pushing it. Before it’s all over it will be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill.”

    Wow, what a leader! What a spokesman. Does this new conservative leader have no scruples?

    In other news……… Obama is ending Bush-era limits on using federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research. More CHANGE for good is how I see it!

  15. 15 Carly
    March 10, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Rich, I stand corrected. I wasn’t sure how Kurt Cobain died, all I knew was that he struggled with drug addiction…which in turn PROBABLY led to his suicide. As far as your comment about “blind faith” and you not being arrogant enough to throw your beliefs down someone’s throat…

    1. I’m not throwing anything down anyone’s throats…YOU do not have to read what I write. I’m not duct taping you to your chair, taping your eyes open and making you read what I write. You do that by CHOICE.

    2. You are just as guilty as I for spewing your beliefs on this blog. I don’t see how there is a difference between what I do and say on here and what you do and say on here, except for the mere fact that we disagree.

    3. Obama’s FORMER acquaintances are not so FORMER….he’s still funding some of them. I’d rather have Rush be addicted to PAIN KILLERS than have Obama ruin the entire country.

    Rich, I feel sorry for you…there should be NO gray in your life…you should know where you stand, and IF you do, you should be proud and own up to it, no matter who may disagree. I hope when the time comes, you don’t denounce God because you’re too afraid of shoving your beliefs down others throats.

    I have convictions, Rich, I wasn’t on an Ayer’s train because the rest of my party was…Hell, I would have loved to be the conductor…the man is no good. And neither is Obama…but don’t take my word for it…just stay tuned…you’ll see for yourself.

    I’d love to see Rush or Sean Hannity take on Obama…or anyone for that matter. I’m sure they’d all blow Obama out of the water. Let’s face it, Obama didn’t have to debate anyone with such strong Conservative beliefs as Rush or Sean….and Obama never would because he would be embarrassed and he wouldn’t be able to hide behind his smooth talking or his teleprompter – his best friend.

  16. 16 treehugger
    March 10, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    Terri said “Obama is an egomaniac and if he isn’t your “darling” and you are loud you WILL be on his list”

    Response – Hey Terri this sounds just like Rush Limbaugh to me!

  17. 17 Carly
    March 10, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Difference is Tree, you have Rush Limbaugh who most liberals discredit as an idiot and then you have the man who is supposed to be the LEADER of the ENTIRE COUNTRY…shouldn’t HE of ALL “CHOSEN” people be above this? He wants us all to work together, putting aside our parties, yet attacks Republicans every chance he gets.

    Another difference is, Rush is just a big mouth with a big following – Obama is a big mouth with a big following and BIG power….therefore making him way more dangerous than Rush and his fellow ditto-heads. But that’s it though, really isn’t it? It’s fear. Those who attack Sean and Rush are fearful that they may spread the truth and turn this country around before the left-wing nutcases (and I’m not calling all left-wings nutcases, I’m simply saying those who are nutty) destroy the Constitution, Our Rights, and the Country as a whole.

  18. 18 treehugger
    March 10, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Carly – speaking “Rush” and “Truth” in the same sentence makes me laugh! Rush is the biggest fear monger around.

  19. 19 Carly
    March 10, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Well, Treehugger, I wouldn’t expect you to know the truth, let alone understand what is happening. Mr. Obama, full of promises of hope and change, full of enlightenment, right? Wake up.

    Another screw up Obama has made DELIBERATELY was removing the provision of requiring verification of citizenship from the stimulus plan that is supposed to create jobs for US citizens…they’re estimating that it will create 300,000 jobs for illegal immigrants without this provision in place. Another A++ for Obama and his mindless drones.

    Hugger, you should be very upset with this news, seeing how you were so excited to pump up Obama for creating jobs on the Expressway…just didn’t know who he was creating them for, did ya?

  20. March 10, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    I pledge Allegiance, To the Flag, Of the United States of America.
    And to The Republic, For Which It Stands.
    One Nation.
    Under God.
    With Liberty and Justice for All.

    Carly, do you see any gray, “mambee-pambee” areas here?
    Neither do I…
    Keep up the good work.

  21. 21 treehugger
    March 11, 2009 at 4:06 am

    Carly, could you please provide a link to support your statement “Another screw up Obama has made DELIBERATELY was removing the provision of requiring verification of citizenship from the stimulus plan that is supposed to create jobs for US citizens they’re estimating that it will create 300,000 jobs for illegal immigrants without this provision in place.”

    I have read through much of it as well as used the find on page tool and could find nothing about the removal of verification of citizenship that you refer to. Although, I did read that small business loans would NOT be given to anyone who is an alien unlawfully present in the US as well as penalty to Firms who are in violation of immigration laws or who have knowingly hired illegal aliens in the past. But with my LIMITED intelligence and inability to understand what is happening, maybe I just missed what your super brain read or understood.

    Oh and Wonderwoman – Good news – there are provisions for the homeless in the plan too.

    Homelessness prevention fund. For homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing activities – $1,500,000,000 to remain available until Sept 30,2011.

  22. 22 Carly
    March 11, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    Sorry, TreeHugger, I tried Posting a link the other day and it didn’t work…

    you’ll have to copy and paste this entire link:


    If that doesn’t work the article is on Newsmax.com and the article title from Monday 3/09/09 is called: Stimulus Loophole Gives 300,000 Jobs to Illegals

    Here’s another excerpt from it as well that others may find interesting:

    Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), tells Newsmax the verification provision was deleted by Democratic leaders even before the bill reached the conference committee, where differences between House and Senate legislation are normally ironed out.

    “When it got to conference, the top people — not just the conference members, but the top people: Reid, Pelosi, and Obama — chose to kill the provision and not include it,” Camarota says. “This was a purposeful decision.”

    Everyone needs to read this article…it’s mind blowing!

  23. 23 treehugger
    March 11, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Kate, the God part is a gray area for me and many others.

  24. 24 Ted Mickens
    March 11, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Tree Perhaps you should address that deficiency.

  25. 25 treehugger
    March 11, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Carly, yes, it is true that the Federal E-Verify program has been stripped from the final version. What that article failed to state however is that the E-verify system is only a voluntary system anyways, that it is thought by many as flawed, and that only about 100,000 employers out of more than 7 million in the U.S. are currently signed up for the program. In addition the contract for their services was to expire on March 6. I also read that Bush had extended the program back in November thru the March 6 date to a tune of $100 million. Illinois passed a law restricting the use of this program because it was deemed ‘not reliable’. Some people feel that E-Verify intrudes individual privacy, which is ILLEGAL in this country. Furthermore, it is widely accepted that Social Security Administration staffers commit many errors that could harm U.S. citizens while entering the data. I am not for illegal workers taking American jobs but I don’t believe that the discontinued use of the E-Verify system is going to make a difference. They have provided verbage regarding illegal aliens and stiffer penalties, fines or jail time to employers who knowingly hire illegals is what it really needed. Here are a few links if you care to read them.



  26. 26 treehugger
    March 11, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    Ted, I don’t feel that it is a deficiency. To each his own. In fact, more than one-quarter of American adults (28%) have left the faith in which they were raised in favor of another religion – or no religion at all.

  27. 27 Carly
    March 11, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    TreeHugger: You’re wrong. The article does basically say that it’s not mandatory…

    “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit to prevent making the use of E-Verify mandatory. The organization says Congress approved it strictly as a voluntary initiative.”

    “thought by many, as flawed”….um ok??? then fix it so that American jobs are going to Americans.

    Your very first link has a counterpoint in the article to those who feel E-Verify is flawed:

    Those reliability issues are overblown, according to E-Verify backers. Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a Washington-based immigration watchdog group, said dropping the verification requirement was a mistake, both from a policy and a political sense. “As a policy matter, when you are spending $900 [sic] billion on job creation it should be for Americans and legal immigrants and not illegal aliens,” he said.
    Krikorian said that doubts about the scalability of the E-Verify system were flat-out misleading. “They have the hardware and the software capacity right now to screen all new hires. It is happening right now,” he said.

    He also insisted that the number of instances where the E-Verify system had mistakenly identified someone as being ineligible for a job constituted a very small portion of the overall eligibility checks made by employers. “If they were a lot of Americans being somehow turned down, I guarantee that 60 Minutes and others would have been all over it,” he said.

    According to the DHS’ own estimates, about 96% of employees are authorized for work within 24 hours, while about 4% receive initial mismatches. Less than one-half of a percent of those mismatches are later confirmed to be authorized to work, meaning the system is generally reliable in spotting mismatches.


    My Argument again is – Get those kinks worked out!!!! And even if it can’t be a perfect system, it’s better than having 300,000 (and maybe PLUS) jobs going to illegal immigrants.

    And just because 7 million employers don’t us this system, doesn’t mean a thing! If everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too? If E-Verify can make sure (1/2 of 1%) that our jobs are going to our people…why wouldn’t we be in favor of it?

    The second article also mentions it being in an invasion on our privacy which is illegal – where do we draw the line? If credit card companies can do background checks using our social security numbers, why shouldn’t employers be able to do the same? Why do we need working permits to prove our age – yet we don’t need to prove our citizenship?

    Again, in the second article there was a counterpoint as well:

    USCIS director Emilio González supports this program which, he says, is a very useful tool for the workforce in the nation.

    “This program is a key component to promote integrity between job verification and our workforce,” he said in a prepared statement. “I congratulate the thousands of employers who have adhered to this program since they make a positive impact on the security of our nation.”

    As part of the 2009 fiscal package, President George W. Bush is asking for $100 million for E-Verify, in addition to recruiting more staff to implement it in the state of New York.


    It’s a known fact that we’ve had terrorists living, working, and breathing right under our noses in our own country – it’s all about our security.

    Tell me, TreeHugger, what do YOU believe is right and wrong? Now that you’ve read that ‘many think it’s flawed’ is that all it takes to persuade you? So even if our flawed system can save, oh let’s say 150,000 jobs from going to illegal immigrants (and I’m just tossing numbers out there – saying half), you wouldn’t be for it? Instead you’d rather have no checks and balances? And you’d rather have those jobs go to illegal immigrants rather than your own friends, neighbors, and countrymen? Sad.

    And on another note…how does one prove that an employer hired an illegal immigrant, knowingly? And is THAT foolproof?

    TreeHugger Says: “Furthermore, it is widely accepted that Social Security Administration staffers commit many errors that could harm U.S. citizens while entering the data. I am not for illegal workers taking American jobs but I don’t believe that the discontinued use of the E-Verify system is going to make a difference.”

    My Response: Sentence 1 you got from one of the articles you sent me to read – which gave no statistical proof in fact here’s where you took it from:

    According to Harper, E-Verify intrudes individual privacy, which is illegal in this country. Furthermore, it is widely accepted that Social Security Administration staffers commit many errors that could harm U.S. citizens while entering data, he argued.

    As a result, he explained, at least one out of 25 people applying for a job could be harmed due to the misspelling of a name or a typo on his or her actual Social Security number.


    Note: “1 out of 25 people applying for a job COULD BE HARMED due to the misspelling…” COULD BE.

    Sentence 2 of your above comment is just like all the “my vote won’t can’t” comments I heard all during elections…Even if it makes a small difference, it would be for the better.

    or we could just take your approach, sit back and do nothing…oh wait, nevermind, we’re going to fine and penalize employers who KNOWINGLY hire illegal immigrants…we just have to catch them first.

  28. 28 Carly
    March 11, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    TreeHugger: that is a sad statistic you’ve posted, but does not take away from how sad people like you are….wandering around this world with nothing to believe in. At least those who believe in other Gods than I believe in something. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m trying to understand.

    why is it that you don’t believe, TreeHugger? Why is religion a gray area for you? You can share or not, it’s up to you, again, I’m just trying to understand.

  29. 29 treehugger
    March 12, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Carly, there are many non believers, actually more than you think. Why would you care why I don’t believe anyways? If you want to believe it is your right. I am not criticizing you for it.

  30. 30 treehugger
    March 12, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    Carly, either the system should be fixed and MANDATORY or not used at all. Only 100 K employers out of 7 MILLION are using it. That means 7 MILLION employers are doing nothing and could be hiring them anyways. Don’t you think that maybe the reason Mark Krikorian is saying that it is all overblown is because he may lose his job if they discontinue the program??

    I do not believe that by them taking this one part out that it is going to make such a HUGH difference in what is going on. Just my opinion – which I have a right to.

  31. 31 Carly
    March 12, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    As a Christian, TreeHugger, I care about the well-being of all people. I’m not trying to criticize you for it, I’m trying to understand it. As a Christian (which you say I have the right to be), it is my job to try and spread the word of God, that’s why I care. Because even though I do not know you, and you do not know God spiritually, in my beliefs, you are one of God’s Children whether you believe it or not. I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my boundaries.

  32. 32 Rich
    March 17, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    WOW- the hits DO keep coming! I think I possibly am being misunderstood according to the replies. So, let’s get some things straight.

    John Levy- I am noone’s mindless robot(have a recent divorce to prove it …lol). I have said Obama was the lesser of two evils in the past election and that I do hope he can make some changes. However, I am not worshipping the man by any means. I mean in a good way or bad no ONE man can change the country. If one man could drive this country into the ground, as is claimed here many times by many people, we would have never made it past Nixon. My main point I’ve been trying to make on this blog is that we were in trouble before Obama ever came around. Hell, we’ve been on the decline for 15 years. It wasn’t Clinton, Bush, or Obama. It is the system as a whole failing this country.

    Kate- If you only knoew how much I enjoy being petted 😉 First, I didn’t bring up Mr Cobain’s death I was just correcting an incorrect statement. Second, your one post says you question the what, who, etc. Then in your pledge post you say “no grey mambee pambee” area there. So what you meant to say was ” you don’t question anyone/thing that AGREES with you.

    Finally, Carly – Please, please do NOT feel sorry for me. Actually, I feel sorry for you if you actually think there is no grey area in life. You believe your beliefs and that’s it. You would make a great soldier. I, however, question just about everything, look into all possibilities, and then make my decision from there. I would make a good scientist. Both are integral parts of our society. Neither is neccessarily better than the other. And on a daily basis they work together. Honestly, without soldiers and their unwavering loyalty we would have been gone long ago. But without the questining of the norm by free thinkers, we would still think the world was flat. This all comes to my main point and my whole reason for posting on this particular blog. It is the (here comes that word) arrogance of your beliefs. I mean,the last few posts show you really can’t understand how someone wouldn’t believe in something. Why is that? Why can someone not go through their day without praying to some god? That really perplexes me. That wasn’t so much arrogance as just me being curious. The arrogance is in the staement in the blog about people believing in Xenu. This is what my initial post was questioning. Of course I didn’t get that answered just attacks on me. How is believing in Xenu, or aliens from Middle Earth, any crazier than believing in a man that hels the sick and rises from the dead??? One is just as big a leap of faith as the other. But the blogger used there beliefs to discredit others. Arrogant? Hypocritical? Take your pick. I know, Carly, what are your beliefs Rich? Well, I do believe in something bigger than us. A strong believer in karma as I’ve seen it in action many times. Organized religion was created to keep man in check. Period. I was raised a christian and I believe it gave me a good strong set of morals, However, I refuse to believe in something out of guilt or fear. So, Carly, I won’t denounce God because I’m afraid. It’s actually the other way around. I won’t believe just because I’m afraid not to.

    Well, my fingers hurt now….take care.

  33. 33 Carly
    March 18, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Talk about Arrogance, Rich….you say…”Organized religion was created to keep man in check. Period.” Really? You know this as fact? Maybe you are the all knowing one.

    sorry to disappoint you that I have no gray area in my life as far as my beliefs. I analyze things, Rich, I look at all points, and then I make my decision based on what I think is right…hell, I could be wrong…but once I’ve made my decision…I stick to it…and THAT is what I mean about not having any gray areas in my life. I make convictions and stand by them…I do not waver. Doesn’t mean that I won’t later learn of new information to take into consideration and reanalyze something. ALSO…that doesn’t mean that I dislike or mistreat others who do not agree with me.

    I never said that everyone had to believe in my God, or a God…all I said was “At least those who believe in other Gods than I believe in something.” You could believe in evolution, creationism, Xenu, etc….I said I feel sorry for those who don’t believe in anything.

    How dare you call me arrogant because I have such strong beliefs and am not afraid to let them be known. If my religion is the “right” religion – which, Rich, I do believe it is-I know I am so arrogant, my God would be proud, he wouldn’t think I was being arrogant. I will have served his name proudly, and he would be appreciative.

    There are so many people who have given up Faith because there needs to be a reason for everything…hard, substantial facts, and if we can’t see it, test it, poke it, prod it, measure it, etc…we don’t believe it.

    Jesus died for our sins, Rich, and all your name-calling and gray-ness will not make me forget that fact. And so maybe I’ll stop feeling sorry for you, Rich, but I will continue to pray for you – after all, it is what I believe in.

  34. 34 Rich
    March 18, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Once again, Carly, more arguing and the point is missed. Your initial statement was there is no grey area in life. Your explanation now is all I was asking for. You do say there are grey areas in life and that you do reconsider things on new information. Then if you read my post I actually said I wasn’t calling you arrogant, just curious. The arrogance was in the dismissal of those who believed in Xenu. I’m tired of beating this dead horse and getting no answers so we’ll leave it at that. And as I’ve said before I truly admire the blind faith of any religion, honestly. I just don’t work that way. Just think, if you’re right, I will spend an eternity in hell(with the billions of other non christians in the world). If I’m right, then it really doesn’t matter, because once you’re dead – you’re dead. Either way, I wish you the best 😉

  35. 35 Carly
    March 19, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Rich, I’m sorry I thought for sure “It is the (here comes that word) arrogance of your beliefs. I mean,the last few posts show you really can’t understand how someone wouldn’t believe in something.” meant that My Beliefs were arrogant……um, isn’t that what you meant? or am I just really stupid? You later then say about the whole Xenu thing that it could be taken as arrogant.

    I reconsider things based on new information, but I still wouldn’t consider that a gray area in my life – I’m simply stating that I’m not just stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. And I reiterate, I have no gray areas in my convictions or beliefs.

    Rich, I do not hate you or judge you for your beliefs, and I don’t judge TreeHugger either…I was just trying to understand. Your comment attacks me and “perplexes” you that I don’t understand why people don’t believe….well as a believer myself, how would I understand unless you and TreeHugger try to explain? If I believe wholeheartedly in my faith and in my religion, then yes, the thought of non-believers perplexes ME! Just like as a non-believer it perplexes you that I have “blind faith” of a certain religion.

    Rich, you and I are very different, yet we’re not so different…we both are trying to understand where the other is coming from.

  36. 36 Rich
    March 19, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    If you continued with my whole quote you would have got to the part where I corrected myself. I end that staement with “that’s not so much arrogance but curiosity..”. Then I go on to explain the “arrogance”. But as you right wingers do on this blog you just took part and attacked. However, I do agree 1000% with your last statement.

  37. 37 Carly
    March 20, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    Well, Rich, I guess I have to apologize, I thought you meant the you being Perplexed was not arrogant, just curiosity. They way you wrote that statement, it’s not hard to take out of context. ….I wasn’t attacking, I was defending myself from your attack.

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