Reasons for…hope?

While I’m sure that you deal with your fair share of pessimists and prophets of doom daily, as I do, I think there are reasons to be hopeful about our nation’s future. Despite the foreboding speak of our president, Mr. Hopeful himself, and the undercurrent of fear and anger that had gripped and briefly stifled many American conservatives, I think a shift is already underway.

Here is my laundry list of reasons why everything is going to be alright. We are going to take back the term hope from the far left and possibly the country too…you will see.

1. The Obama administration said this week that releasing prisoners into the U.S. population from the soon-to-be defunct Guantanamo Bay Detention Center is a possibility. I can only hope that team-O goes ahead and makes that choice. Now there’s a change that will help bringing about the shift in the nation’s ideals that we need. Even most progressives I know don’t want terrorists in line behind them at the grocery store muttering about jihad and the price of Mallomar cookies while counting their food stamps…I’m just sayin’.

2. Obama has sent a video message to Iran.

Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Now there is a campaign promise I’m glad he is following through on. Instead of remaining steadfast to our national identity of strength and principal, lets send out a video to our enemies and try to win them over with praise. I really think it is a great plan. I know when someone doesn’t like me because, oh, I dunno, I don’t subscribe to the murdering of the infidels, I always want to have a nice chat and talk them up a bit. Plus, the video message is such a nice touch. Pretty soon Obama and Mahmoud will be vibrating each others Blackberries. That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I think that is a reason for hope for change, don’t you?

3. The grumbling on Obama’s climate plans is a reason for hope. Apparently all that capital that he wanted to spend on his liberal agenda has already been depleted and even Democrats are asking for him to pump the brakes a bit. Makes me hopeful.

4. Not a single Republican in the U.S. House voted in favor of the stimulus money that was given to AIG. Now the nation is bitter and angry over bonuses. Who do they have to blame? Lets see…if the Republican’s didn’t do it but the measure still passed it must be the Democrats, right? Wait, I think I hear the Obama administration mumbling something about the Whig party being responsible. Hope.

5. Speaking of the AIG bonuses, Jay Leno, an entertainer, was tough with Obama regarding the passage of a 90 percent tax on the AIG bonuses calling the measure “scary” and questioning the power of government to just decide to tax a certain group of Americans because they decide to. Nice work, chin. Makes me hopeful too.

6. The fact that Obama, a sitting president, went on the Tonight Show period while the nation is in the midst of economic turmoil and the U.S. dollar heads perilously close to collapse is reason for me to be hopeful. I’m glad he had his priorities. Our lil’ Rock Star. So darn cute.

7. Obama filled out NCAA tourney brackets…and was taped doing it…for an ESPN show…do I really need to elaborate here? 

Coach K

Coach K

Duke Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski summed it up best. “The economy is probably something he should focus on more than the brackets,” Coach K told the AP. While this will help Obama’s ratings with the nation’s electorate lacking critical thinking skills, the rest of us see the real picture. A man in over his head. Hope.

8. Nancy Pelosi told a group of illegal immigrants that U.S. laws are un-American. Again, can I really add to this nugget of hope?

9. Several million Americans have taken part or will take part in tea parties being organized across the country to voice their disgust with the stimulus plan. Hope.

10. Michigan Democrat John Conyers is calling for an investigation into ACORN and Obama’s ties to the community group, which is nothing more than a front for socialism. That makes me hopeful all over.

While 10 reasons make a nice even number, I want to throw out two last tidbits.

A colleague of mine who voted for Barack came to me about two weeks ago and told me he made a mistake in his decision. While he stopped short of saying we need a conservative in the White House, he said that a socialist reformer might not be the best man for the job when we need to boost the economy. Ya think? Hope.

Finally, on Leno Thursday night Obama quipped about his bowling prowess and said, “It was like the Special Olympics.” I’m sure he cursed his teleprompter later. Why can’t it just intuitively speak for the big man? That way we can avoid these mishaps. Hope. Hope. Hope.

Have a good weekend and be hopeful. Conservatism will rise again. It has to.  

Ronald Wilson Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan


10 Responses to “Reasons for…hope?”

  1. 1 CJ
    March 20, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    For a guy who has a history of trying to ban guns, obama sure likes to shoot himself in the foot.

    I saw that there is another “assault” weapon ban going through Congress.

    If your gun has a removable clip, then it is considered an assault rifle.

    My children and I go plinking with a .22 with a removable clip that holds 8 bullets, I guess I have been shooting with what the crazy gun banners now call a machine gun, becaust it is auto loading.

    I have been having email conversations with Senator Casey about the card check law that he is sponsoring.

    I am against it, because it takes away an employees Constitutional right to vote for or against a union.

    Casey says that unions are what poor workers need today.

    If unions are what we need then what is stopping us from forming unions?

    The current labor law has worked for 60 plus years. Why does it need changed now?

    Oh, because non-government related unions are declining at double digits every year and are almost extinct.

    Casey claims that unions can improve working conditions, get higher pay, and better benefits.

    I explained to Casey that a union can’t get anything that the company doesn’t want to give and once a union is formed your pay and benefits go to zero and get negotioated from nothing. You don’t begin at your current pay rate or with your current benefits.

    I explained to Casey, Murtha, and obama that forming a union based on the number of people who sign union cards would be like getting rid of the primarty and general elections and putting people in office based on how many signatures that they get on their nominating petitions.

    I emailed obama and told him that if we elected Presidents based on the same idea as the Employee Free Choice Act, that Hellary Clinton would be our President, because she had thousands more signatures on her petition than obama and McCain combined.


    Hope is a feeling that you place into something that you have no control over.

    I have no hope for anything.

    I will not give any control to anyone over me.

    I control my future and my destiny and I will fight to the death to keep unions out of my company, because I plan on retiring from this company.

    The steelworkers are trying to get into a company that has not laid off a single employee in over 15 years.

    What other company in the United States can make that claim.

    Every union company has laid someone off at some time.


    I knew a girl named Hope.

    She committed suicide.

    I guess she is like our country…no Hope.

  2. 2 supertramp
    March 20, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Hey CJ
    I knew that girl too. It was a shame. Just like I am of our country and our people. Hope is dead people. Long live your rights. You remember them? The right to bear arms and of free speech and the right to have a “No Obama” bumper sticker on your vehicle.

  3. 3 John Levy
    March 21, 2009 at 5:01 am

    Hope is not dead.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and a friend said something that made me realize something; during Obama’s presidential campaign, he (or his advisors) excelled at what some have called a grassroots campaign. The vehicle for his success was obviously the internet.

    Here is the important thing. The internet was the grassroots vehicle. The mainstream media was the key.

    There are many individuals and groups who are aware of Obama’s plan to destroy our constitution and therefore our American republic. Sounds pretty paranoid but if you open your eyes, it’s hard to deny that our country is swirling in a downward spiral. I have to mention this, although it is not even the worst part of the whole dilemma. Barney Frank wants to tax the bonuses of his brother thieves at AIG and elsewhere. Lets get this straight. The thieves in our government give our money to the AIG thieves and then they want to tax the bonuses at a higher rate (90 percent). It’s an unconstitutional, confiscatory tax. You cannot punish through taxation. Do these government thieves know anything about our constitution? I think they do and this is just another step to do away with that “antiquated document.” Please excuse my apparent digression, but the boot-grinding of our constitution is what this is all about.

    Back to “hope.” Most of us have heard of the “tea parties” that have recently occurred and of the 1000 more planned for April 15th -if you haven’t, look here,
    http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=92276 A couple of different groups are planning different tea parties. Numerous people that I know personally and thousands I have read about, and read their comments on different blogs have expressed much dismay that there is not cohesiveness amongst these groups, and individuals want to do something but don’t know where to turn. So there is frustration because no one has figured out how to organize this into one big effort.

    The advantage that obama had is that key that I mentioned; the mainstream media. The detailed information he wanted to disseminate was done on the internet and the mainstream media tied it all together for him.

    That’s what we lack. Too many people get their news from the mainstream media so they will never hear what we know to be going on.

    I didn’t say that I had the answer. That’s why I am writing this. I am so optimistic and that comes from knowing that more and more people every day are waking up to Obama’s plan. All we need is cohesiveness among these many people, to counter and save this country.

    What I want to do is to try to bring this together. If anyone has any ideas on how to get the ball rolling on pulling us patriots together into one big group, please post in this thread if Josh doesn’t mind. The time for action is at hand. We can keep talking about this while Obama pulls the rug from under us or we can DO something about it.

    The American revolution was begun in 1775, with 50 patriot minutemen, in Lexington and then to Concord where the British troops took heavy losses. The news of Lexington and Concord flew from one local community to another in the thirteen colonies. Within 20 days, it evoked a common spirit of American patriotism from Maine to Georgia (with no internet).

    Every generation must pay the price and protect our legacy of freedom. Ours has not done so. Now it is our time. I hope and pray that we can do this peacefully. Our constitution has served us well for 200 years. Greed and creeping socialism have been our constitution’s biggest enemies. Now, dear Lord, it appears that our own president is wearing the gloves of socialism’s tightening grasp.

    Please post your ideas on organizing here asap.

  4. 4 CJ
    March 21, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Check out this article:


    A black musician has a song called American Tea Party.

    Here’s the lyrics:

    Mr President!
    Your stimulus is sure to bust
    Its just a socialistic scheme
    The only thing it will do
    Is kill the American Dream

    You wanna take from achievers
    Somehow you think that’s fair.
    And redistribute to those folks
    Who won’t get out of their easy chair.

    We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
    If you love this country
    Come on and join our band
    We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
    Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

    So when they call you a racist cause you disagree
    It just another of their dirty tricks to silence you and me.
    I believe in the Constitution and all it stands for.
    Anyone who tramples it should be booted out the door.

    We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
    If you love this country
    Come on and join our band
    We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
    Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

    Now we’re not advocating violence
    That’s what the so-called peace crowd do
    We’re talkin’ peaceful protest to defend the red, white and blue

    We gotta vote out these clowns who don’t love the USA
    Who stay up late losing sleep fearing what the French might say

    We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
    If you love this country
    Come on and join our band
    We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
    Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

    We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
    If you love this country
    Come on and join our band
    We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
    Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

    Freedom ain’t free
    (Stand up for America)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (Gotta take a stand)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (Mr Obama)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (we work hard for our money)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (Don’t give it away)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (Save the day)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (Don’t go givin’ it away)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (It ain’t gonna work)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (Give back our freedom)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (Give back our liberty)
    Freedom ain’t free
    (I love my country)

  5. March 22, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    CJ, Do you REALLY have “no hope for anything”?
    I think the whole point of this last post was to ‘flag’ a rebound effect, so to speak, on the absolute, blatant disregard, on what millions of Americans are personally dealing with.
    #6- “Our Little Rock Star, so darned cute.”

    Charm will lead you, very shortly, into a glorified pile o’ crap.

    The majority of us must continue to uphold and support the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s called HOPE.

    Without It, we wither and descend into the scope of a Socialist society governed by the likes of a fledgling celebrity, Obama.

    Beneath all the fluff and puff, lies a true American overall disposition. This is temporary, my friend. Stay true to your beliefs, and do not give up on HOPE.

    I believe in this, as my mother states it so clearly, “It will all come out in the wash.”


  6. 6 CJ
    March 24, 2009 at 9:31 am

    Hope won’t save you or our country.

    Only action will.

    I don’t wait on hope to do something that I can do for myself.

    I can sit around all day and “hope” that my bills get paid or “hope” that I get food to eat, but I rather go to work and earn money to pay my bills and eat.

    Hope is thrown around for years by those like obama, Casey, Rendell, Kennedy, Clintons that hold us down by the throat then use the word hope to get our votes by acting like they are going to help us after keeping us down.

    No thanks, it’s time for a tea bag party.

    Unlike the original tea party, send a tea bag to your Congressmen, US Senators and obama.

    They have been teabagging us for years, so it’s time to return the favor and show them that we aren’t going to take it any longer.

    I “hope” everyone does it, but I am not counting on it, so I will be sure to do it myself.

  7. March 24, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    HaHaHa! Very clever play on words with the “tea bag” party.

    I’m not asking anyone to lay down and take it. But I do think that HOPE is the Powerhouse(so to speak), to ACTION.

    I stand corrected…

  8. 8 Terri
    March 25, 2009 at 4:14 am

    I agree with John Levy. It’s time to brainstorm and get organized. Time to stop complaining, criticizing and counseling with/to these liberals about concepts they are not able or willing to see.They are not going to get it in time to save our country as we know it. Yes, of course, there is hope…but it is in God and the people willing to get organized to protect and defend a nation, concepts, and government entirely founded on his word. Our hope should not be in liberals “finally getting it”.Are we so beat right now that our hope is that some big, strong Democrats will “get it” and save the day for for us pathetic conservatives since we can’t seem to come up with strong leaders and plans of our own? Okay Josh…we get all your points…we can see the train coming…Help us with ideas! What can we do? I challenge you to include at least one idea in each blog that we can work on to make a difference.The same goes for all the other posters. Let’s take back/hold on to some dignity and ,yes, some hope for our futures and those of our children and stop acting like victims.

  9. 9 Rich
    March 26, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Mailing Lipton to the White House?? That’ll show him! As much as our current government is criticized and THAT is the best answer you can come up with?? Hope springs eternal indeed……

  10. 10 treehugger
    May 22, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    Dick Cheney is a JOKE!

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