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Some quick news…

I rarely do updates until I have compiled enough for what I consider a substantive post, but I wanted to drop these three snippets for your enjoyment.

First, watch as the threat of a global pandemic further emboldens our president to action in his quest for social change in America. 

The Big O spoke this morning about the outbreak of swine flu and its potential implications and was sure to mention that we are no longer a world leader in science and therefore we are in greater danger. Continue reading ‘Some quick news…’


Just a dozen please…

Here are a dozen things to ponder on this fabulous Earth Day 2009.

1. Comedian and actress/activist Janeane Garofalo revealed the depths of her intellect during a session with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC recently when the two mental titans held a sharing moment of disdain for all things truly American. If you missed it, check it out here.

Continue reading ‘Just a dozen please…’


Tea time?

I know that I have been lax with the blog and while I hate to make excuses, I have quite a few, not the least of which is little time outside of work to get my thoughts posted.

I don’t have much today either because I think the day’s news will speak for itself.

While I will be stuck in hearings for work this afternoon, I hope that all who can partake in a local tea party does so. Let your voice be heard and together we can capture the true American spirit that has guided our nation for so long. 

If you can’t make it to a rally like me, send a letter to your representatives expressing your displeasure and make sure to send a picture of a tea bag along too (they won’t accept the real ones.) Or join an email campaign and drop a line to the president detailing your displeasure with the current administration’s slow march toward socialism.

While it might be small steps, several million small steps make a world of difference.

I am hopeful that the tea parties will at least knock the anointed one back for a moment and realize that any mandate he thinks he has might be tenuous at best.

I hope to give you some real meat to sink your teeth into soon. Thanks for reading.


Tragedy and guns

With the tragic shooting death of three Pittsburgh police officers Saturday by a deranged gunman who friends said blabbered about his right to bear arms and his unhappiness with the country in the days prior to a domestic dispute at his home Saturday morning, I fear that a catalyst was born.

On the heels of the shooting in New York that left more than a dozen dead, the shooting incident in Pittsburgh is exactly the type of tragedy to be exploited by liberal extremists determined to never let the opportunity of tragedy to further their agenda pass by.

While the shooting suspect in Pittsburgh, Richard Poplawski, 22, didn’t do us all a favor and take his own life after gunning down the officers, he also damaged the nation even further by allegedly spouting off to friends about his feelings regarding the country in the weeks leading up to the shooting.  Continue reading ‘Tragedy and guns’


Maybe hope isn’t on the horizon

I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

The list of bad news seems to be growing by the second and that glimmer of hope I had recently is starting to fade. Most unfortunate, the reason for the fade is actually being caused by the sheeple of this country being led to their destruction by the Pied Piper and not the new fascist administration.

In recent days the rock star in his infinite wisdom has become an auto exec. Government Motors (GM) is now a federally run automaker. Boy that seems like a bad thing to me but according to reports, a majority of Americans are happy with the decision. Hmmm.

The O-Admin has also now extended an olive branch to the Taliban. I really think that is a good step, kind of like stepping into a box of broken Christmas ornaments floating in rubbing alcohol. For the love of Pete. Continue reading ‘Maybe hope isn’t on the horizon’