Maybe hope isn’t on the horizon

I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

The list of bad news seems to be growing by the second and that glimmer of hope I had recently is starting to fade. Most unfortunate, the reason for the fade is actually being caused by the sheeple of this country being led to their destruction by the Pied Piper and not the new fascist administration.

In recent days the rock star in his infinite wisdom has become an auto exec. Government Motors (GM) is now a federally run automaker. Boy that seems like a bad thing to me but according to reports, a majority of Americans are happy with the decision. Hmmm.

The O-Admin has also now extended an olive branch to the Taliban. I really think that is a good step, kind of like stepping into a box of broken Christmas ornaments floating in rubbing alcohol. For the love of Pete.

The president can’t even extend an olive branch to Americans who disagree with him on any U.S. policy but he can drop some olive sticks on a terroristic dictatorship who enslaved a country prior to our actions following the Sept. 11 attacks. Boy, he is amazing. Even the Taliban were unsure how to take the gesture. Within a few hours of the announcement by Secretary of State Clinton, the Taliban issued two separate statements, one calling for renewed efforts for terrorist attacks on Washington, D.C. and the other calling the Obama offering “lunacy.” I bet that if Obama would offer an olive branch to some of his foes here they probably would not respond by calling him a lunatic and threatening to bomb his house. Again, I’m just sayin’.

 The AIG debacle undermines the very principals our country was founded on and the American people’s ginned up outrage at the bonus scandal is nothing more than a smoke screen fueled by a duped media ready to do the president’s bidding.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those executives deserved those bonuses.

While I was opposed to any bailouts from the start, government money or not, the bonuses were part of their contract. When the U.S. government can start picking and choosing what contracts to break and negate, the rule of law becomes subjective and the foundation that makes our free society so successful is eroded. Scary stuff.

Now Congress is talking about regulating the salaries and pay for a broader scope of jobs including any job that receives government funding. Amazingly, a majority of Americans believe that the government should impose a cap on the amount of dough an American citizen can earn. A colleague of mine said this is the time for socialism in America. He argued that there should be limits on what we can earn, how many cars we own etc. He said then we can regulate health care and ensure everyone’s future.

Unfortunately, this nut-ball is not alone. That type of drone-mentality is starting to pervade a society more concerned about American Idol that the desecration of the U.S. Constitution. I have said it before and I will say it until my last breath that when you take away the striving, fighting, clawing journey that is the true American Dream and replace it with cookie-cutter lives mandated by a soft dictatorship our nation will collapse. We are moving toward it. God help us.

The administration has also broken their promise not to tax those making under $250,000 a year with the recent cigarette tax hike. But no one really seems to care. Again, the reason my hope is diminishing is that lack of care. If he breaks that promise, he will just keep breaking them…I mean, after all, he won – why keep promises?.

Speaking of that mentality, Obama recently told a U.S. Congressman who voted against his stimulus bill, “Don’t think we are not keeping score, brother.”

That statement makes me want to smash things with a hammer. The audacity of Obamanation. Again, it is on display when it comes to politicking but don’t think he will show the same fervor when defending the U.S. Constitution (which he is methodically working to dismantle) or when he is defending our nation against extremists hell-bent on the destruction of Western civilization. Apparently we have adopted a new law. Negotiate with terrorists – absolutely. Negotiate with those in our own freakin’ country who happen to have different ideas about how it should be run – never. God help us.  

Oh, and Mr. President? Just so you know, I’m keeping score too and so are millions and millions of others who are opposed to the destruction of our nation through the slow bleed of social change. Difference is, those fighting with liberty and freedom at their backs rarely lose.

I guess, regardless the bleakness of the situation, I just can’t keep the hopeful confidence naturally woven into conservatism down. Let’s see hold true to our ideals and maybe we can create a horizon we can find hope in.


2 Responses to “Maybe hope isn’t on the horizon”

  1. April 3, 2009 at 12:24 am

    “when you take away the striving, fighting, clawing journey that is the true American Dream and replace it with cookie-cutter lives mandated by a soft dictatorship our nation will collapse. We are moving toward it. God help us.”

    I think “Lunacy” just about sums it up. I know this is off the subject, but a sterling example of the lunacy that continues to dessimate our country would be the recent murders of 4 police officers(and a wounding of a fifth), in Oakland, CA. Most of the media representation was that of family members representing and pleading for the low-life that gunned these officers down. Poor Mixon just got out of jail, and is an alleged rapist of a 12 year old girl, and was a black man…therefore he didn’t stand a chance. The police “stalked” him according to family members.

    As the families of the officers mourn their loved ones and try to bury them with dignity, many outraged groups supporting Mixon, campused the streets screaming racial indignation to their “brother.”

    If anyone challenges me on a racial issue I will challenge you, verbally, to my last breath. This is not a black vs. white issue, it is about the lunatic devotion to a criminal and the most overused and abused excuse of color. A sheer lunacy that gets more media attention than the actual deaths of the officers.

    This is about the “Lunacy” of a convicted felon, alleged child rapist, who murders 4 men, and has an entire town supporting and making excuses for MURDER! Times 4!

    This “drone mentality” does indeed pervade and eradicate the blood, sweat, and tears mentality that once existed. You are witnessing the Lazy-ing of our country, the ‘Why should I care’ mode.

    Cookie cutters UNITE! After all, it IS easier…

  2. April 3, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    hope isn’t on the horizon, but i feel strongly there will be “pockets of hope” in the midst of
    a crumbling, collapsing, unsustainable, mess. Onward!

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