Tragedy and guns

With the tragic shooting death of three Pittsburgh police officers Saturday by a deranged gunman who friends said blabbered about his right to bear arms and his unhappiness with the country in the days prior to a domestic dispute at his home Saturday morning, I fear that a catalyst was born.

On the heels of the shooting in New York that left more than a dozen dead, the shooting incident in Pittsburgh is exactly the type of tragedy to be exploited by liberal extremists determined to never let the opportunity of tragedy to further their agenda pass by.

While the shooting suspect in Pittsburgh, Richard Poplawski, 22, didn’t do us all a favor and take his own life after gunning down the officers, he also damaged the nation even further by allegedly spouting off to friends about his feelings regarding the country in the weeks leading up to the shooting. 

Forget the fact that he was kicked out of high school for disciplinary reasons. Forget the fact that he was ousted from boot camp for the U.S. Marines. Forget the fact that police have been summoned to the home in the past for domestic disputes and other trouble. Forget the fact that he was overall a bad apple with a few screws loose that obviously developed into a homicidal maniac. All that will be left aside and the only details that will be picked up and picked apart by the Diane Sawyers of the world is the Poplawski’s desire to hold onto his Second Amendment rights at any cost.

Poplawski simultaneously reduced the stature of lawful gun owners and our ability to defend our right to bear arms and also harmed the image of those in the country disgusted by the current administration with his violent and unforgivable acts.

Vengeance isn’t mine son, so I will stop now. Just know that you will get yours, of that I am certain.

Really, it is most unfortunate that in addition heartbreak for the police and their families concern about the political fallout from this incident is an issue at all, but, alas, that is the world in which we live.

If anyone thinks for a single minute that Rahm Emanuel and the O-Express will let this “opportunity” slide they are fooling themselves.



Remember, Emanuel said they like to take advantage of crisis, i.e. the economic collapse. I fear that this shooting incident is the opening that lawful gun owners have worried would come.

Now with the socialists in power and determined to drive our nation into financial ruin while enacting a global New Deal, the reality of a ban on guns, even up to and including handguns, seems like a real possibility.

And even more disturbing is that the fallacy of anti-gun legislation is so evident to anyone with even the slightest remnant of a brain. Of course, that excludes the majority of Washington and, after recent days watching the sheeple being led astray, maybe a majority of the American people. I mean, if only the lawmakers and average citizens would talk to those in the know, like police, they might get a clue.

The hard truth is that gun bans will do nothing but take guns from the hands of lawful gun owners looking to protect their family and themselves. It will not take guns off the street. If a criminal breaks the law as part of their every day routine, then why would a ban stop them from obtaining a gun? It will not. So, in essence, anti-gun legislation simply disarms those who are trying to protect themselves and their community and allows those trying to destroy themselves and their community to remain armed. Beautiful. 

Truly, the saddest part is that the event has to be politicized at all. These police officers gave their lives trying to protect and serve their community. They are heroes. Their families will never be the same. My heart breaks for them.

While this blog might come close to violating my agreement regarding posting about things that are directly related to my coverage here as the police beat reporter in Uniontown, PA, I cannot let this go without comment.

Remember to always say a prayer for those among us willing to serve their community and run toward disaster while the rest run away. God protect them and God bless them and officers Stephen Mayhle, Eric Kelly and Paul Sciullo III and their families who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 


6 Responses to “Tragedy and guns”

  1. 1 Supertramp
    April 6, 2009 at 12:09 am


    I commend you for speaking your mind. You have always stood up for your beliefs regardless of the backlash. I wish more people would stand up for something they agree with. All too often, people do what is in style or what someone else tells them they should.
    I listened to the friends of the cop killer in Pittsburgh speak yesterday. I discovered that when people say they can’t believe someone did this or that, the truth is they don’t want to believe it. People are so concerned with their own self being that they think this will somehow reflect poorly on them.
    The next thing is responsibility. The general society seems to want to shift blame away from them. Blame for why they can’t make a house payment, because the bank lent them too much money and “should have known” to reasons they are late for work like the traffic was heavy. It’s not their fault, it’s someone else’s. The school, the police, the stop sign’s, they don’t care, and it’s just not theirs.
    Now the cop killer is trying to blame Obama for wanting his guns. Again this is the blame game. Others will blame the guns. Guns are like steak knives, they are objects. They don’t move. They don’t think. The triggers don’t pull themselves. Just like pencils don’t misspell words.
    Regarding the police, people need to come down from the cheap seats and stand on the edge of the field so they can see the sweat and tears of the police as they attempt to protect us after we limit their power, sue them, and complain about them. Or better yet, go for a ride along and answer the “shots fired call” in the projects at 3am on Christmas Eve or do CPR on a dying child. Society needs to be careful of what they ask for, they might get it.


  2. 2 Rich
    April 6, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Josf, for once, me and you are practically on the same page. I do kind of wish you hadn’t sdtarted off woth the politics of this but I understand it’s what you do. This situation should have no political sides though. On Saturday, 3 men, braver than I can fathom and regardless of their political or religious views, died simply doing their job. I’m sure they didn’t know this nut’s views or would have cared. they were simply protecting the community as they do everyday and were needlessly gunned down. I would like to take this forum to thank them for their service and send my condolences to all their families.
    The agreement doesn’t stop there though, Josh. What you said about a gun ban was 1000% correct. A gun ban will just make the innocent people less safe. As you said a gun ban will not stop a criminal from doing what they want. Even if you could rid the nation of guns, a person who has the mentality to kill another will just find another way to accomplish that goal.
    I actually did feel sorry for good honest conservatives like yourself and many others on here on Saturday. I watched the coverage and this maniacs friend start talking about his beliefs. “Zionist cotrol” “Beliefs our forefathers put forth” “Right to bear arms” It was like reading one of your blogs!Thankfully, I have a brain and of course can decipher between a strong conservative expressing his beliefs via the net and a lunatic with nothing to lose. (you’re the former by the way 😉 ). I do fear though that I may be in the minority. The coverage of this did not push this kids beliefs but I believe only out of respect for the officers at this point. All reports hinted towards this cowards’ political views. Now, I seldom agree with you Josh and I believe the conservatives have done enough to hurt themselves. However, if this administration uses the deaths of 3 brave Pittsburgh officers to push an agenda I will be right beside you with my “Guns don’t kill, people do” T shirt on.
    Lastly, I’d like to once again send my condolences to the families of these men, the Pittsburgh police dept, and all officers across our nation. And to thank them all for their selfless work and courage.

  3. 3 treehugger
    April 8, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    I also believe that Guns don’t Kill, People do BUT I don’t think that anyone needs to own AK-47 assault rifle. You can all cry about your right to bear arms, 2nd amendment rights…. blah blah blah but if certain weapons were banned alot of incidents like this could be prevented. I don’t think that making it easy to obtain these weapons is the answer.

  4. April 10, 2009 at 2:17 am

    Supertramp, I could not have said it better myself.

    What I have witnessed recently, is an overwhelming cohesiveness in our community, and communities beyond, extending our U.S. boundaries, regarding this absolute tragedy. This brings comfort to the families involved, the officers currently serving, and the citizens that share this loss.

    Today, and last Saturday, was a remarkable testament to the true values and professionalism of our Police Officers.

    Thank you Josh, for the post.

    God Bless Our Police Officers.

  5. April 14, 2009 at 2:54 am

    A site you should add to your b roll, Josh: http://www.julescrittenden.com/

  6. 6 Rich
    April 14, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    A ban on AK-47’s would not have prevented this incident at all. In fact, I believe the first two officers were killed with his rifle. True, the standoff may have been shorter if he had no AK but the damage would have still been the same. Like I said, if a human is capable of killing they will find a way no matter what we ban. The nutball in New York that attacked the immigration scholl killed what, 13 people?, with 2 handguns.
    Anyway, I just wanteds to come on here and give a big salute to our NAVY SEAL’s, the baddest mf’ers on the planet. In rough ocean, in the dark, hundereds of feet away…..3 shots….3 dead pirates…..one brave American returned to his family. You gotta love the USA!

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