Health care, Big Ben and the Girl Scouts

Thoughts on a Wednesday:

–          Is it just me, or do Democrats like to gloat much more blatantly than conservatives? I had a liberal friend approach me yesterday, put his hands on my shoulders and, with a big grin, proclaim it as a “Great day to be a Democrat.” I can honestly say that I have never done this. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the guy despite our political differences, but what is the fundamental difference in this instance and what does it say about us?

–          Georgia authorities have withdrawn a request for a DNA sample from Ben Roethlisberger in the alleged sexual assault case in a Georgia nightclub.


An interesting development in that Roethlisberger, or as the good Sheriff Blue likes to say, “Roffembarger,” has not been charged with a crime but has taken a monumental beating in media coverage nonetheless. I think it is important to remember the basic fact that an American citizen is innocent until proven guilty. I’m not saying that this claim is false and I am not saying that Big Ben isn’t guilty of poor judgment, but I do think people need to take a wait-and-see approach and let this play out.

–          Obama called the signing of his health care overhaul the beginning of “a new season in America.” He could not be more accurate. Our electorate has moved past a representative government to a new hybrid government that tells you what you want or may not want to hear and then, regardless your protests, forces it down your throat, while massaging your neck to help it slide down. We have been reduced to little more than pets and for some that appears to be the real appeal. Remember the women from Detroit after Obama was elected claiming they were going to get “their Obama money?” That type of reasoning would have no qualms with ingesting anything that comes their way so long as it appears to fix their problems.

–          Dozens of states are talking about suing the feds over the health care plan, claiming it is unconstitutional. While my affiliation with the Herald-Standard in regards to this blog is looser than in the past, I will still refrain from talking about our state’s planned action against the overhaul to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Just, when you get a chance, check it out.

–          Not everything is about health care overhaul right now. In fact, some pretty amazing stories might just fly by under the radar, like this little whopper that appeared on World Net Daily about what Planned Parenthood and the Girls Scouts of America have concocted in some cauldron and are now trying to feed to innocents. The tandem, at a “No adults allowed” meeting at the United Nations, decided to teach girl scouts about sex, when and where to have it and how to make sure that if you are high or drunk you don’t get pregnant. Their audience, girls from 10 to 14 years old. For the disturbing details, read here: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=128389

–          Before the resurrection of this blog site, it had been nearly a year since I was able to share any thoughts with you. I am working on a bullet-point recap of what we missed and where I think we are headed. Stay tuned.


1 Response to “Health care, Big Ben and the Girl Scouts”

  1. 1 Carly
    March 24, 2010 at 11:33 am

    where to start?

    First and foremost, I found that Girl Scout article, appalling. What in the world happened to preaching abstinence? Despite your religious affiliation, abstinence is a wonderful practice. Not saying that all girls will remain abstinent until marriage unfortunately, but my goodness, shouldn’t we be talking about the benefits of being abstinent rather than just throwing in the towel and giving up on it and actually condoning sex to 10-14 year olds? 10-14….what are these people thinking? And what happened to, “don’t do drugs or drink, it’s bad for you…?” Now it’s, “your choice..and if you do decide to get drunk or high, be safe while having sex.” What the hell is wrong with people? This needs to stop. We need to teach our girls to respect their bodies and to not give in to peer pressure.

    On one hand we’re telling young girls it’s ok to fool around and have sex and be promiscuous, but then when a 20 year old from Georgia comes out with a claim against a star quarterback, all eyes are angrily on him. Now, I don’t know what happened, obviously, I wasn’t there. Maybe she was assaulted, maybe she wasn’t…but look at the choices SHE made…she chose to be alone with Ben after drinking (underage to boot), she put herself in that horrible situation because obviously she’s lacking self-worth or moral obligation. And women all over are mad as hell that this happened to her….but shouldn’t we hold her accountable for her actions too? Now, before someone jumps all over me, I am not saying that any girl deserves to be attacked, no matter how she’s dressed, or how she’s acting, or what she looks like, etc…but I would hope that a girl wouldn’t willingly put herself in that sort of situation. This Georgia girl might be innocent, a lamb in a lion’s den, but the point is, if we teach our girls at a young age (10-14) that sex is just sex and they can be promiscuous and experiment, etc….what are we setting up their futures to look like? Like this Georgia girl? Sex in a bar bathroom, with a stranger? Like the girl who can’t have kids anymore because she’s had too many “mistakes” (abortions) absolved for her. Like the girl who’s had sex with so many different men that when she actually is assaulted no one believes her because of her history? Nothing good will come from letting our children grow up wild and reckless.

    On a lighter note…don’t let the democrat bug you….they need to feel good about something that Obama did…and seeing how this is really the first thing he’s actually done, there are bound to be some clowns who think it good. Wait until THEY see how it’s going to hurt, not help….they’ll be singing a different tune.

    To sum it all up….we’re in BIG trouble from what the government is doing to what some people are trying to teach our kids….it’s all going to come crashing down if something isn’t done, and soon.

    Whereas Mrs. Obama may finally be proud of her country….my head hangs lower and lower everyday because of the direction we’re headed….and I’m not talking strictly left or right here, I’m talking about what’s inside of all of us, how we view life, the moral code that we live by….it’s dying….we’re breaking….and it’s sad.

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