As a reporter for the Herald-Standard I am limited in the topics I can blog about. While the affiliation between The Right Side and the Herald-Standard is very limited, I am still bound by journalism ethics to refrain from blogging about certain subjects.

I receive requests nearly every day to blog about this local issue or that local politician, however I am precluded from doing so.

While other bloggers can write freely about all subjects, I am restricted to national politics, sports, entertainment and anything without a local news angle. It would represent a conflict of interest for me to delve into local politics on my blog and then go cover events regarding the same subjects. Blogging about local issues and politics would alienate me from my sources and at least give the appearance of impropriety and agenda-driven writing. So, blogging about local issues is not possible.

In the past, my blog was directly linked to the Herald-Standard Web site along with several other bloggers, but the HS blog roll was abruptly terminated last year.

The Right Side was rebooted as its own entity. You need to bookmark it, https://joshkrysak.wordpress.com, and keep the address to find it, as it will not be linked to http://www.heraldstandard.com.

I encourage all readers of The Right Side to post comments and post often.


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