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You tell me that this isn’t Terrell Owe

You tell me that this isn’t Terrell Owens in a wig…I mean, come on, look at those traps. I bet she wails on him…


Some quick news…

I rarely do updates until I have compiled enough for what I consider a substantive post, but I wanted to drop these three snippets for your enjoyment.

First, watch as the threat of a global pandemic further emboldens our president to action in his quest for social change in America. 

The Big O spoke this morning about the outbreak of swine flu and its potential implications and was sure to mention that we are no longer a world leader in science and therefore we are in greater danger. Continue reading ‘Some quick news…’


An Obamanation

Yet another obamanation.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to the White House to visit with our new president earlier this month and Obama really went out of his way to extend that olive branch that liberals were crying for after eight years of what they claimed was the destruction of America’s global image.

Brown and Obama

Brown and Obama

Yes, President Obama did everything he could to show the world and our closest ally, England, that we have nothing but love and respect for them.

First, the new administration armed with the new tone of hope for the future dismissed the honored tradition of flying the flag of a visiting foreign leader.

Then, team Obama decided to forgo another time-honored tradition and did not set up a joint news conference between the leaders of the free world during their first visit with one another.

But wait, it gets worse. Continue reading ‘An Obamanation’


There’s a bad moon rising

This is the laundry list of thoughts jumping to and fro in my minds eye – this the first day after the signing of the most ludicrous and loquacious bill in U.S. History.

*Has anyone else noticed that despite all his efforts in the campaign to mask his true tenor, Obama is starting to come off as whiny, angry and every bit the unqualified and uber-liberal politico that many of us saw him for?

*Speaking of Obama, do you realize that he can no longer address the nation without delivering some type of fear-mongering blow to the American confidence in our nation’s financial security? His choice is to ram his agenda home by placing fear in the hearts of a nation gone soft and while he’s got the votes. It is the only course that could result in the current death march toward socialism, or even worse, the first steps toward some type of global governance.

*Watch the banks as we move forward with the economic stimulus package. If the banks are indeed nationalized, capitalism, as we know it, will fail. Continue reading ‘There’s a bad moon rising’